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WY5883 Multi-standard digital TV signal generator
WY8602A Series Multi Standard TV Pattern Generator
WY5418A Multi Standard Pattern Generator
WY2288 Digitally RF Millivolt Meter/Low Power Meter(200Hz-1.5GHz)
HFJ-8G RF Millivolt Meter (100Hz-1.5GHz)
WY2851D Digitel Q Meter(50kHz~50MHz)
WY2852D Digitel Q Meter(1kHz~70MHz)

WY2852D Digitel Q Meter(1kHz~70MHz)

WY2852D is a high frequency impedance measuring functioned by series resonance principle and applied to test inductors, capacitors at high frequency for their effective inductance, capacitance, Q as well as ε,tanδ values, The meter has been intelligently digitized based on WY2851,improing its measuring range and the service life of the tuning mechanical structure. It is in compliance with National Measurement and Test Regulations :“JJF1073-2000 Standard for High Frequency Q Meter ”

Auto Q value reading technique of the company’s innovation which the accuracy and speed of measuring Q value by a big margin.
4 digit effective displayed, Q value 0.1Q resolution. improve the precision of measurement for tan δ.
DPLL synthesized test signal ,digital set and continuously controlled signal frequency.
Special LCD screen displays multi parameter like a menu: Q value, test frequency, tuning state, etc.   
Q value range can be controlled both automatically and manually.
Digitized Q value presetting which raises the reliability and while measuring in  batches.
Separated signal source output (from 1kHz to 70MHz),the meter is also a 160MHz synthesis signal source with frequency accuracy±50ppm and stability±10ppm.

1.Frequency signal source:1kHz~70MHz 4-digit significant display.
2.Q Measurement Range:1~999,1~30,10~100,30~300,100~999 in 4 ranges.
3.Inherent Error of Q:±5%  ±3% of full scale.
4.Inductance Measuring Range:0.1μH~1000mH.
5.Inductance Error:≤5% ±0.02μH.
6.Character of Tuning Capacitor:
6.1 Tunable capacitance range:40pF~500pF.Accuracy: ±1% or±1pF.
6.2 Capacitance measuring rang:1pF~200pF. Error: ±1%±0.5pF.
6.3 Fine adjustment of capacitance: ±3Pf, ±0.2pF resolution.
6.4 The residual inductance: approx 20nH
7.Q Presetting Function:
Q preset range:5~999 all available when the object to be measured reaches the preset value, a “Go” will appear with buzzing. “No Go” represents the rejects

8. Size and Weight:415×180×170mm,7kg. 

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