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WY5883 Multi-standard digital TV signal generator
WY8602A Series Multi Standard TV Pattern Generator
WY5418A Multi Standard Pattern Generator
WY2288 Digitally RF Millivolt Meter/Low Power Meter(200Hz-1.5GHz)
HFJ-8G RF Millivolt Meter (100Hz-1.5GHz)
WY2851D Digitel Q Meter(50kHz~50MHz)
WY2852D Digitel Q Meter(1kHz~70MHz)

WY2288 Digitally RF Millivolt Meter/Low Power Meter(200Hz-1.5GHz)

WY2288 is a digitally intelligentized radio frequency millivolt meter/ low power meter, able to measure sine voltage’s r.m.s and the relevant power performance, frequency from 200Hz to 1500 MHz. The meter adopts demodulation magnification principle, charactered by a wide frequency response, low SWR, high sensitivity and high accuracy in measuring. Because is the CPU control digital equipment, realize the automatic control range, RS232 interface (option). Is the laboratory, the factory UHF voltage and power testing the necessary instruments.

1 Features:

Digitally intelligentized RF voltage meter/ low power meter.  
Maximum 11000 digitally displayed voltage value, 4-digit displayed power and dBm.  
LCD screen, simultaneously displays multi-parameters and transformation situations. 
Specially designed low voltage measuring adjustment, guaranteeing the measuring accuracy based on < 10mV.

Coaxial probe configuration to ensure that from <10mV to 5V with good amplitude-frequency characteristics. (See attached Low Level characteristic curve).

50Ω and 75Ω matching auto-select available.


             WY228x series software User Interface


2 Specification  
1 Measuring range of voltage:
1mV~10V,including 4 ranges of 10mV,100mV, 1V,10V. Maximum display capacity of 11000 digits. If choosing 40dB attenuator (option), 300V is available then.

2 Measuring range of power:
0.1µW~2000mW, including 4 ranges of 2µW,200µW,20mW,2000mW, Maximum display capacity of 2000 digits.  


3 Measuring range of electrical level:
-47dBm~+33dBm(50Ω), -48dBm ~+31dBm(75Ω).


4 Frequency range of the measuring voltage:


5 Inherent tolerance of voltage:
±1%±10 digits. 10mV±2%±30 digits.


6 Inherent tolerance of power:
±3%±10 digits. 2uW,±5%±30 digits.  


7. Frequency response deviation:

300MHz~600MHz ≤±8%    
1000MHz~1500MHz ≤±18%


8. SWR:

9 Input impedance:
Probe type probe:Input impedance (100 mV) 15kΩ.Iinput capacitance: 2.0 pF,
Coaxial probe: 50 Ω or 75Ω.

10 Option:
RS232 interface

11 Power supply:
AC220V±10%, 50Hz±5%.   


12 Operation temperature:


13 Size/ weight:

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