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WY5883 Multi-standard digital TV signal generator
WY8602A Series Multi Standard TV Pattern Generator
WY5418A Multi Standard Pattern Generator
WY2288 Digitally RF Millivolt Meter/Low Power Meter(200Hz-1.5GHz)
HFJ-8G RF Millivolt Meter (100Hz-1.5GHz)
WY2851D Digitel Q Meter(50kHz~50MHz)
WY2852D Digitel Q Meter(1kHz~70MHz)

WY5418A Multi Standard Pattern Generator


Digitally generated Patterns ensure stable waveforms.
Synthesized carrier 45MHz~870MHz.Be able to store 10 channels data base for quickly use.
CVBS, S-Video, Y, Cb,Cr video output.
RF output level: ≥110dBµV.


1 Standard TV:

PAL B,G,H,D,K,I ,NTSC M ,SECAM B,G,H,D,K,I,(option L)

2 Frequency tuning:

synthesized 45MHz ~870MHz by 0.25 MHz steps.

3 RF output:

≥110dBµv on 75Ω.  Attenuation:50dB (10dB, 20dB, 20dB)

4 Spurious output:

65dB below video carrier with A / V ratio @-20dB.

5 Patterns signal:

Color bar, split, circle, window, plug, luminance,Cross hatch,dot, Red field etc  versatile patterns including 16kinds.

6 Video modulation:

AM :Modulation index: 72.5% to 90% , 2.5% steps. External modulate: selectable by switch. 1Vp-p on 75Ω.

7 Audio modulation:

FM :Inside modulate: 400Hz or 1kHz. External modulate: selectable by switch. 5-25dBm.10Hz to 15 kHz.Tunable frequency: 4.5MHz, 5.5MHz, 6MHz, 6.5MHz.


Digital LCD 20×2 characters with frequency(5 digits) amplitude(3 digits),modulation index(3 digits) and sound system.

9 Dimensions:

(W×H×D) 426×100×380㎜.

Back Panel

(1) RS232 connecting socket (option).
(2) These three BNC sockets are video frequency chromatism component outlet.
(3) S-VIDEO outlet, please use the private S connecting wire.
(4) External video frequency inlet, input video frequency external modulation signal.
(5) External sound frequency inlet, input sound frequency external modulation signal.
(6) External modulation Selector switch
(7) These two BNC sockets are 1kHz or 400Hz sound frequency outlet.
(8)Power socket. Please pay attention to the frequency and voltage, which should be equal to the indicated value. (attachment: spare fuse)

Sixteen Kinds of Pattern Signal

(Specifications that should be referred to instructive manual are subject to change without notice.)

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